Welcome! I usually go by AEther, Frisk, or AEther-Friskets around these parts

they/them ✦ Been alive since 2003, or so I say ✦ Aroace

This is just a fun little personal project of mine, that's taken me way too long to work on
Oh yeah, I draw stuff sometimes

Horror (especially if it's mind-fucky lol), fog & rain, a lot of 2000s aesthetics/stuff, urbex, video games, flannel, found footage, time travel, hot chocolate

I love a lot of games!! I am so normal about Silent Hill 3 trust me

Onions (my one true nemesis), hot weather, phone calls, minimalism, large groups, bathroom hand dryers (i know they're better for the enviroment probably but i hate the noise sooo much), public bathrooms in general, mirrors in a dark room (it creeps me out for some reason lol)

heather stamp another heather stamp heather & alessa stamp fog stamp static stamp envy more like gender envy
be kind to your computer i emulate games i need more time! i love autumn